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September 4th, 2014
10:04 pm


I pretty much consider every marriage except for my own to be a same-sex marriage.
I'm not down with the gender binary. The genders can be defined a bunch of different ways that are valid given narrow contexts.

For some purposes (eg. probability of colorblindness), going by your genotype is valid (though with more ambiguous cases than people will admit). For other purposes it's not. For some purposes (eg. "some cancer risks"), going by your unmodified phenotype is valid. For other purposes, it's not. For some purposes (eg. "what a person glancing at you in the locker room would decide"), going by your modified phenotype is valid. For other purposes, it's not.

There is no "underlying truth" there, it's just a bunch of stuff that's only ever correct situationally. You may not agree, but do you at least follow? I see no "global" context that forces a "real" answer. Further, I see no *practical* value to trying to find one.

Well, in the context of relationships, the most practical way *I* can see to split things, *if* you can spot a simple pattern, is "on this side are the folks I'm attracted to, and on that side are the folks I'm not attracted to". This lets each person decide whether, for *them*, personally, for the purpose of relationships, they consider (for example) pre-op trans folks to be in one bucket or the other. Which I think is valid, as long as you don't try to apply the truth from one context to a situation in another context -- what turns you on is what turns you on, and that's fine, but it has pretty much nothing to do with health care or how people want to self-identify or whatever.

Okay, so. As it happens, at this stage in my life, I'm not really attracted to anyone but my wife. So FOR ME, the two sides are "her" and "everyone else (including me)".

My marriage contains at least one person from each set. *Nobody* else's does.

So: for practical purposes, as far as I'm concerned, I'm in the only relationship on the planet that isn't same-sex.

(It's okay though. All you perverts can do what you want -- it doesn't bug me or undermine my marriage.)
September 1st, 2010
12:37 pm


This is only a test...

If this works out well, I may default to posting note-like messages on LJ, and then linking them to FB/twitter, instead of using FB notes as I have recently been doing.

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January 15th, 2010
12:50 pm


nerd review: sodastream
We just got a new "sodastream" home soda maker.

In terms of its output, I like the thing. Trivial to make seltzer. We're already experimenting. The vanilla soda was great, and the cinnamon soda was interesting, but I really think I'll mostly drink seltzer.

The thing that's really impressing me is the design, though. There are safeguards that ensure you use just the right amount of pressure, that it doesn't explode when you remove the bottle, and that you know when you're done, but all that's used is physics. There's no electricity, no little lights, no meters to read, nothing like that.

So the way it basically works is there's this thing you screw the bottle into, and it's on a hinge. You have to open the hinge to put the bottle in, and then weight makes it close again. You press a button that opens the link between the CO2 tank and a hose that goes into the bottle. When the pressure gets to the right point... there's some kind of gasket or something that starts to release the pressure, and it farts (they call it buzzing, but the machine clearly farts). So you stop. But that's not enough for normal carbonation. For the default level of carbonation, you repeat that until it farts 3 times. They tell you in the book that it's okay to do it more or fewer times to adjust the desired level of carbonation.

As an aside, that part really reminds me of the homemade fermentation lock I made when I was making homebrew mead. I put balloons on the tops of 2-litre bottles. As CO2 was produced, they inflated, until it got to the point where they burped, quickly letting CO2 out without letting O2 in (unless there was a balloon failure, which happened a few times, especially early on). By varying the number of rubber bands I used to hold on the balloons, I altered the amount of carbonation that the resulting mead had.

So anyway then you're done, but you can't get the bottle out unless you move the hinge again. And as you do that, the pent-up pressure inside the bottle is released safely, in some back part internal to the machine, so when you unscrew the bottle there's no change in pressure and no explosion.

They managed to make it pretty foolproof just by using physical properties, physical design. It's neat.

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July 23rd, 2009
05:27 pm


Facebook letting 3rd party advertisers use your data.
Facebook made a privacy policy change.  Carol Fly notified me.  The idea is to spread this information around.

I am doing it as a post outside of Facebook so that I can link to it from within Facebook, and other people can just hit the "share" button, which I found I'm not able to do with simple status updates.  This should make it easier for people to get this information to their friends.

Here's the info I was given:

Thanks to Marc for the alert: IMPORTANT - To ALL FRIENDS. Please pass this around! Facebook has agreed to let third party advertisers use your posted pictures and profile. You can opt out of of this by doing the following: Settings >>> Privacy Settings >>> News Feed & Wall >>> Facebook Ads Choose "No one" from the drop down.

Current Mood: concerned

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June 17th, 2009
02:56 pm


iPhone OS 3.0 first impressions.
Doesn't alter anything with regard to SMS tones -- the available options have not changed.

There is an option where, if an SMS message comes in and you completely ignore it, the alert for it will get repeated up to two more times.  I do not recall if that option was there previously.

Tethering is definitely done via the bluetooth network sharing profile rather than by the serial port profile and emulating a modem.  The device advertises this even if your provider does not provide tethering... at least when wifi is turned on.  I have not tried to get this to work yet.  I am wondering if it's a way to get bluetooth-only devices access to wifi hotspots, even with no GSM.  Will experiment later.

The contacts app definitely did not get the ability to transmit your vCard via ObEx.

Definitely no file transfer profile, cannot browse device filesystem.

The SMS app definitely did get landscape mode.

The call log does display call duration now.  Not on the list that shows all calls, but on the detail view of each call.

Computer-free podcast interaction has not improved.

A Bluetooth probe of the device reveals... let me summarize...
  • Network Access Point
  • Wireless iAP
  • Remote Control Device
  • Audio Source
  • Phonebook
  • IrMC Sync
  • Handsfree Gateway
  • PnP Information

The YouTube app does support sign-in now.  And when you sign in the first time, it offers to merge your local bookmark list with your server-side bookmark list.  Very good, I was a little concerned.  It has new controls for "my videos" and for "subscriptions".  This is good stuff here.

Stock-tracking app supports landscape.  You end up getting more detail on one stock rather than your list.

Weather app does not support landscape.

Maps app does not support landscape.

Mail app does -- behavior is to increase font size rather than show more characters per line.  Lines wrap at the same points.

Notes app supports landscape.  Behavior is to keep font size constant and show more characters per line.  Line wraps occur at different places.

Device-wide search is somewhat configurable.  You can prioritize.  The search interface does not support landscape.

More later, if I think of anything else.  Or sooner, if anyone has specific questions.

Current Mood: inquisitive

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April 2nd, 2009
09:48 am


"Peggle" microreview.
Laser Pachinko

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November 7th, 2008
05:17 pm



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November 3rd, 2008
04:07 pm


Are one-letter misspellings important?
 Some folks argue that a one-letter misspelling is really not important, and people who get concerned about such misspellings are being anal dickheads.


Consider the following two sentences:

"I enjoy the laughter of children."

"I enjoy the slaughter of children."

It's only a one letter difference in one word, but boy howdy, sure does change the meaning, don't it?

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October 24th, 2008
04:09 pm


Neat, I still have rule-of-law!

Neat, the constitution is still in effect in Pittsburgh and Austin, but both of those are fairly rare as far as major US cities go on this point.  The closest city to Pittsburgh on that map that also still has the constitution is Louisville.  Austin has San Antonio nearby, which is just barely still in the zone of law.

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October 9th, 2008
01:39 pm


Okay, class...
Here's the assignment.  How does this (especially the sixth chapter) relate to this?

(I have both subjects on the brain recently, as I recently re-read the Lovecraft essay and a pile of Lovecraft and Poe stories, while listening to music that attempts to evoke the same aesthetic response that both of those authors do.)

Current Mood: all analytical and shit

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